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ROM Gallery of Modern Design


Interactive Design + UI/UX Design

A new way to experience the ROM’s collection of 20th century furniture, glassware, ceramics, silver and other metalwork.


Capping off over a decade of interactive work at the ROM, Overdrive was commissioned to design the UI for information in the Gallery of Modern Furniture. Taking cues from minimalist Bauhaus design and many of the pieces in the gallery, Overdrive created 2 80″ touch installation walls that seamlessly blend into the gallery surroundings. They provide both information on gallery specifics, as well as a historical-temporal overview of the modernist period stretching the decades. The user experience was created with the goal of having the interface fade away, or merely have a subtle presence when not in use, and only become more focal when engaged. The UI was originally designed in multiple colours, but was determined to feel too contemporary and ultimately changed to a monochrome look.


User Interface Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Standards, Fully Annotated Files, Development


Overdrive Design Limited—Creative Direction, Art Direction, UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, Development


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Final User Interface

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