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Research Casting International


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Research Casting International (RCI)


25 years ago, OD senior project manager Leslie Jennings saw a short documentary about a company that created dinosaur mounts. Research Casting International founder Peter May spoke eloquently about his passion for the art, craft and science involved in taking a paleontological find from an expedition dig, to its final mount or cast in a museum display. The work RCI was doing was amazing, and her assessment was that May was someone Overdrive’s principal James Wilson just had to meet. Cold calling potential clients is a notoriously unrewarding activity, but in this case, Wilson’s call began a business relationship spanning decades.

The RCI identity reflects the subject and environment involved in collecting and casting dinosaurs: bone and earth. Moreover, the identity can be seen in positive and reverse – a nod to the casting process.

The latest RCI website was intended to reflect the international stature of the firm. RCI works for some of the most important institutions in our back yard and around the world: The Royal Ontario Museum, The Royal Tyrrell Museum, The Natural History Museum in London and the National Science Museum in Tokyo Japan. Today, their museum-grade

48,000 square foot facility is capable of accommodating projects of any size and complexity. The RCI website showcases the breadth of the specimens that RCI has created, as well as providing case studies for some of their most famous installations.


an Award-Winning Identity (still in use), Promotional Materials, plus several Websites.


Overdrive Design – Creative, Concepts, Design and Development
Brian Pieters – Photography


Visit the live RCI website:


The logo for Research Casting International is inspired by molds used in the fossil casting process. This essential piece of RCI’s work preserves ancient fossils and allows museums to showcase these accurate fossil replicas well maintaining the original fossils in their collection for further study.

RCI final logo