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Exact Imaging


Brand + Website

Exact Imaging is the creator of ExactVuTM micro-ultrasound system, a medical device that aids in the detection of prostate cancer.


ExactVuTM provides a comparable diagnostic alternative to the current standard of care – MRI while being significantly simpler to implement. Overdrive began working with Exact Imaging in their start-up phase when they were taking ground-breaking technology that improved microsound resolution 300% and launching their ExactVuTM device and micro-ultrasound system for targeted biopsies for prostate cancer.

Overdrive has executed many design components for Exact Imaging over the past 4 years, beginning with the identity. The identity required the logo to reflect the core elements of the system. The typeface, Century Gothic was chosen for its clear, fine appearance, which is in line with the precision nature of Exact. The plus sign in the letter C reflects the targeting nature of the system.


Once the identity had been established, Overdrive produced brochures, booklets, information papers, invitations, trade show booths, the design for the Exact Imaging website, and oversaw and art directed the production of a photo library. Additionally, we assisted in the industrial design for the ExactVuTM device.


Overdrive Design – Design
Brian Peiters – Photography
Relay Medical – Industrial Design


Visit the live Exact Imaging website:


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