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The maven of le petit Trianon lends her mode française to Pure’s line of affordable everyday-luxury goods.


After establishing a delightful retail enclave in the heart of Locke St. South in Hamilton, Ontario, Pure Home Couture’s self- professed fragrance obsession resulted in the creation of their own brand of perfumes, lotions, soaps, bath luxuries, candles & home fragrances. Featuring small-batch natural, organic and ethically sourced ingredients. It only takes one visit to Pure to understand that Parisian style infuses everything they do. Overdrive has been with Pure nearly since the beginning, and over more than the last decade has lent its creative services to help grow and establish the brand.

Despite her untimely end, Marie Antoinette remains a symbol of elegance and taste, so she made the perfect inspiration when Overdrive helped Pure redesign and standardize their primary Apothecary line. Starting with an archival etching, we painstakingly re-illustrated Marie, enhancing the linework and form. Then we devised a system for labeling the 36 different scents and eight different product types. One of the major practical challenges of this project was establishing the best print method and stock for various products within the larger packaging system. Labels needed to be heat resistant and waterproof, flexible and stable. Solutions ranged from clear labels on plastic or glass to paper labels that had to adhere and wrap over metal screw tins.


Logo, Labeling and Signage


Overdrive Design – Creative, Concepts and Design


Packaging design through the ages. The objective was to streamline the appearance, double down on the brand’s french essence, and create a form that would fit many different products. Marie’s portrait and the golden strip being two easily placement-adjustable elements.

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Final packaging design for Pure’s soap cakes.

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Golden label strip design applied across all of the products. The bee is a symbol of family community, industry, and personal power.

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