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Visual Identity

Visual Identity for Cannabis Retail Store


In 2020 Overdrive was hired by Danielle Braemer to develop a visual identity for a new Cannabis retail store. Danielle knew of our work through another project that we had just completed (JR DiGS Acoustic Christmas) that she was a sponsor of. In the beginning, the company name was up for grabs as the investors were nervous about it appearing too childlike but after some discussion, it won the day as it aligned well with strategy and the principal’s aspirations. It has an undeniably positive and happy tone.

The form of the logo began in cursive with the loops, pattern and rythym informing a more graphic approach. The beauty of it is its simplicity. The logo is reduced to a single shape that is reflected, rotated and scaled. Likewise, hedonism and femininity were inspirations for the project which are also reflected in the basic forms. To avoid the letterform resembling a religious symbol, the stress of the letterforms are through the center and the bowl of the letterform is created in perfect symmetry using the golden ratio. The colour palette is inspired by botanical drawings, south-western colour palettes, and earth-tones, all personal preferences of the client but on strategy and therefore on brand.


Visual Identity


Overdrive Design – Visual Identity
Danielle Braemer – Interior design