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Orion Travel Insurance



Protecting travellers and
their loved ones –wherever
their travels may take them.


Orion Travel Insurance is powered by the well known CAA Club Group.
Orion strives to protect Canadian travellers globally and to be proudly recommended as the most trusted travel insurance company in Canada – all with that CAA caliber assistance.

Overdrive began this rebrand project with a logo and brand expression exercise after working on sister company CAA Insurance Company. Eventually the project would balloon and grow into a full visual identity with the creation of a large variety of collateral materials, a full library of chubby icons, a brand standards document, packaging design, animated holiday cards, and centrepiece custom illustrations designed in a twist on vintage travel posters.

Insurance can often be a homogenous design scene. As such, in the way that brand’s want to own their look, we aimed to create a striking and unusual colour pallet that ran contrary to what insurance companies might ordinarily be associated with. The colour pallet was also used in illustrations to create “blue people” rather than people of any specific ethnicity, thus rendering all people simply travellers. We also applied a specific colour filter to all photographs to give everything an instagram account like appearance and consistency.

All elements considered together, the rebrand was created to be encouraging, friendly, and reassuring, with a hint of excitement and wonder. The brand’s tagline “You take on the world, we’ll take care of the rest.” further reflects this idea.


Visual Identity, Logo, Brand Expression, Collateral Design, Packaging Design, Web Design, Icons and Illustrations, Brand Standards


Overdrive Design – Creative and Design, Various Illustrations
Rob Krete (Illustrator) – Various illustrations


Before and after logo comparison.

The logo grid.

New Orion Travel Insurance colour palette created as part of the rebrand and visual identity.

Type pulls its weight in the visual identity, and the decision was made for the rebrand to break away conventional corporate type faces.

A selection of icons created for the project, including process.

The visual identity isn’t intended to be “cute”, but the icons nonetheless lend the brand some additional friendliness through their signature “chubby look”.

01 / 07

Various illustrations. We tried to maintain a tight core colour colour pallet with the use of green in particular mostly relegated to greenery which sometimes looked strange in blue.

Applying the new visual identity to the website.

A selection of pages from the new website.

01 / 04

The illustrations are used in many different places: posters, web, and swag like these mugs.

01 / 03

Examples of collateral including bus stop signage, stationery and booklets.

01 / 05

At a certain point it became clear that all of the rebrand work would need to be codified in a brand standards document.