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Fort McMurray Golf Club


Brand Strategy + Visual Identity

From out of the ashes


After the terrible 2016 Alberta Wildfire, Fort McMurray Golf Club decided with the loss of its clubhouse, there could be no better time to reinvent its brand. Overdrive was commissioned to take on this task in a wide-ranging capacity, beginning with brand strategy, through a complete visual identity, new logo, collateral design, and brand standards. Seeking to offset the weakness in the local oil sector, and improve general attendance, we looked at ways to maintain all the professionalism equity of the club, while simultaneously modernizing it and making it more palatable to younger audiences. A key part of this was maintained the coat of arms approach for their previous logo while simplifying it, thus dramatically improving its merchandising potential and the possibility of improving future clothing and merch sales.


Visual Identity, Logo Design, Brand Strategy, Brand Expression, Collateral Design, Brand Standards


Overdrive Design


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