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Envisioning Sound Science for Better Sex: A full launch communications package for Cliovana™


Today, we’re seeing a burgeoning market for non-surgical treatments that claim to improve women’s sexual experience. Move over Viagra, women want in on the second wave sexual revolution – one in which women’s sexual satisfaction is openly discussed and delivery on it is an expectation, not a hope. While there are other techniques on the market, Cliovana™ is a proven, safe, non-invasive treatment that addresses arousal deficit and improves sexual satisfaction using a device that’s been effective in treating erectile dysfunction for years. The protocol itself however is completely designed for women.


As a start-up, Cliovana needed a full brand and communications package including: brand and marketing strategy, naming, identity, stationary package, brochures, posters, ads and website.


Overdrive Design: Creative, concepts and design

Marc Alcide: Web development

Shelagh Meagher: Brand /Marketing Strategy


Visit the live Cliovana website:


Cliovana Studies

Various patterns used in the Cliovana identity

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