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CAA Insurance Company


Brand Standards + Illustration + Rebrand

The child of service giant CAA steps into the insurance limelight.


Overdrive was commissioned to modernize and finesse CAA Insurance’s brand. Once misunderstood as just part of the Canadian Automobile Association Clubs, CAA Insurance aimed to build out, and differentiate its brand and in turn, take a gentle step out of the nest. The brand design began with a new logo exercise before expanding rapidly into a refreshed visual identity and brand standards.

A big part of the brand design work centered around building out an extensive responsive icon library nearing 100 unique pieces in number. The icons were created in groups of 3 on a scale of least complex to more complex in order to scale up appropriately depending on the size of the screen on which they were viewed.

The brand design took into consideration its companies close affiliation with the CAA Clubs and needed to remain fairly close in nature. In order to round out the brand, add differentiation, colour and some additional friendliness we created an illustration style to be used in major campaigns and standout communication pieces. This balanced the desire to maintain a more corporate primary pallet while also pushing the boundaries of the visual identity.


Visual Identity, Brand Expression, Brand Standards, Collateral Design, Icons and Illustrations


Overdrive Design – Creative and Design, Various Illustrations



The following are a fraction of the icons we developed as part of the visual identity for CAA Insurance Company. At the top you’ll that the icons are created in 3 variations, with the less complex versions being more suitable for web viewing on smaller screens.

In order to communicate more complex ideas, we also created icon scenes where core icons can be used in conjunction with one another. Low detail icons like clouds and trees additionally can be combined with core icons to improve compositions.

The following illustrations marks a departure of the visual identity from the reserved primary pallet of the brand.

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Insurance isn’t the tastiest thing. Looking to make insurance offerings appear attractive, appetizing even, we expanded upon an older food pairings campaign that focussed on the relationship between CAA Insurance and their brokers.

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See a variety of collateral pieces we developed as part of the brand design.