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Cynapsus Therapeutics



Restoring movement with ease.


Overdrive was commissioned to rebrand Cynapsus Therapeutics in 2010 including collateral and website. Overdrive was then engaged again in 2014 for a brand strategy exercise and rebuild of the older site. With the client’s signature pharmaceutical property for treating Parkinson’s Disease symptoms moving closer towards commercialization, the outcomes of the brand strategy exercise indicated a focus on three main interest groups—patients, professional practitioners, and investors. This approach would be changed many times in the completion of the website which was launched in early 2016, but the overall design remained largely intact.

The goal was to create a website with multiple sections tracked to different site user demographics, each section containing easily digestible content written in a light/accessible tone. Deeper content is available in an archive of press releases and technical scientific documents hosted in a site database.

Visually, the centerpiece of the site is a series of fullscreen looping videos created with award winning cinematography Iris Ng. These are featured on the site’s landing page and are intended to illustrate the benefit of Cynapsus’ product to a typically older end user—that being the relief of freezing episodes and restoring physical movement for everyday activities.

The company was eventually acquired by a larger pharmaceutical company to the tune of over 800 million dollars canadian. Not too shabby.


Brand Strategy, Website, Full Motion Video


Overdrive Design Limited—Concept and Creative, Web Design, User interface, Web Development, Project Management, Video casting/art direction/production
Laila Zichmanis (Lumena: Brand Management)—Brand Strategy
Iris Ng—Video Footage, Lighting, Camera Work, etc.



cynapsus logo on blue background


The Cynapsus logo is based on the notion of synapses in our brains. Synapses are the spaces in between neurons that pass electrical signals. In the case of the logo, the horizontal breaks in individual letterforms represent synapses while aligning them across letterforms represents a network.

cynapsus website on multiple screens
website homepage
multiple website pages
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An assortment of chart, field and icon styles used on the new website.

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