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Web Design

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We-Vibe Website

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Standard Innovation Corporation

Fun, Safe and Sexy: A Website for Intimate Products.

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We-Vibe is the world's leading brand of vibrator. They've attained this position through shrewd marketing-- they appeal to couples, and singles and present a product that is both sexy and fun without ever veering into territory that is sketchy. Says WeVive:"Our world-class engineers and industrial designers work closely with sexual wellness experts, doctors and consumers to design and develop intimate products that work in sync with the human body." This was our challenge, to rebuild the We-Vibe website to reinforce the product line in a way that promoted sexual health without sounding clinical, while appearing fun, flirty and sexy --but never sleazy. The solution was a pretty, female-centric site with a sexy and playful tone.

- Deliverables

Website, including original photography.

- Credits

Overdrive Design Limited: Creative and Art Direction.
Antonia Goga: Photography for setting images.

- Links

Visit the live We-Vibe website: wevibe.com

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We Vibe

We photographed the We-Vibe product line as if the y were fashion accessories. Products all needed to be displayed so that they appeared neither too big nor too small. The pallet of the the product line informed the colour pallet of the site.

The client provided watercolour art assets that needed to be incorperated into the design. We additionally created a variety of modern and stylized icons to populate throughout the site.

Selecting images was a painstaking process. We needed them to work with the palete, as well as project just the right image. We shot additional environmental photography to augment existing assets and create the right mix of intimacy and beauty.

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